About Us

One picture is worth thousand words and with one drawing a day Dalida Turkovic, author of Mindfulness for Beginners and Mindful Self Compassion teacher and coach, captures insights and reflections from meditations with Sam, her trusted meditation companion.

After witnessing the changes and challenges emerging from social distancing and isolation in 2020, the need for togetherness began to draw a vision of the world connected in awareness, authenticity, vulnerability and wisdom.

This vision inspired a team of people to create a platform where it was safe to reflect on feelings and needs, where a community of likeminded people could get together to express encouragement and support during daily struggles and celebrations.

May we all begin to see how different we are and yet connected in the common humanity. May we all be open to hear each other and may we have courage to express ourselves with ease.

Features of Card Meditation

• Self Coaching

Reflect on a challenging situation or simply choose a random needs card.

• Meditation

Take time to meditate on the needs cards. You can set a timer to meditate or reminders to assist you in remembering to bring actions to fulfilling your needs.

• Journaling

Record your reflections in a diary and keep record on how your moods shift through the month.

• Inspiration

There are 365 inspirational quotes to elevate your mood, bring clarity or shift your perspective.